BALLET JOURNEYS provides learning and inspiration through conversation, interviews, and physical workshops from some of the world’s leading ballet voices. It is a place for BALLET dancers (recommended 13 years old and up) to find inspiration for their dreams, refresh ideas, renew their body, and synthesize future possibilities.
At Ballet-Journeys we know that everyone has a story worth sharing! If you were called to ballet and feel most connected to life when dancing - then your journey is real. You and ballet have been intertwined in some fashion.

Ballet-Journeys is an online source of information and a place for you to pause upon your path and reflect upon your journey while listening to the wise words of those who came before you, or to the hopeful words of the trailblazers etching out a new ballet voice!

Join us as we journey together through ballet stories, secret lessons, shared advice, and most of all the realization that all of our individual stories merge together to create the future of ballet.

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu
Ballet-Journeys & SomaStudies Founder