Soma Studies: Feldenkrais®, Deeply Moved Meditative Dance (Adults & Seniors), Soma Ballet Private Coaching (Ages 5 -18), and Martial Arts Exploratory Studies for ALL AGES.


Soma Ballet Youth Classes (5 - 18)

Professional Training for a Ballet Career or University Dance Program

Private Coaching.

Ballet Teacher:

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu


Deeply Moved (Adults)

A Journey into Meditative Dance with Catrina Choate-Heretoiu


FI - Private Sessions (Adults)

Functional Integration (FI) is the hands-on approach of the Feldenkrais Method and each session is personalized to meet the needs of the individual. The essence of the private work is steeped in the title of the approach. There is physical function that is limited and is most likely inhibiting your daily life as well as causing you pain. In each lesson the practitioner will create a conversation with body parts so they will work more efficiently as an integrated whole.

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Awareness Through Movement® (Youth & Adults)

During an ATM class, we explore movement so you can improve your daily function and feel better in your body. We question how you can move with less effort, less stress, and with greater freedom.

Because we examine your approach to movement – any lesson at any time can be used by people from all walks of life.

Learn effective, non-violent conflict resolution & problem-solving skills through Martial Arts. By actively participating in this program, students will learn how to enter stressful situations with a calm mind. This program will provide them the tools and coping strategies essential to a productive social and academic environment. This program will help equip students with the tools needed to successfully pursue and achieve their goals. Students will also learn to be proactive rather than reactive in anxious situations. This program will teach students the importance of building/maintaining healthy relationships, while utilizing these new skills to effectively complete their work and address their executive functioning process helping them to better organize for success. Practice itself is fundamental to a centered, self-reliable individual and this program supports personal development by offering the needed tools to grow empowered into one's own individuality.

SomaStudies - Martial Arts Lab (Teens & Adults)

This is an exploratory practice using Martial Arts principles and methodology. Open to all levels and/or any other Martial Arts styles, this training is a functional and personal approach to Martial Arts' applicability for daily life conflicts. Bringing your personal problems to the practice is welcomed and encouraged.


Warriors Within - Adaptive Martial Arts (Kids & Youth)

Through group games, movement puzzles, solo and partner techniques, you will discover how to be more centered and resilient to conflict, more powerful emotionally, physically, and mentally while your confidence will grow as you open to change in a harmonious and exciting way.

Life long Martial Arts student, practitioner and instructor Bogdan Heretoiu leads each class in a personal, exploratory approach to martial arts traditions, and uses playfulness and storytelling as the fundamental building blocks of learning and personal development.

Group Practice and Personalized One-on-One Mentorship Available.


Warriors Within Mentorship (Youth & Teens)

Using Martial Arts' nonviolent principles, this Mentorship component of Warriors Within offers personalized ONE-ON-ONE sessions specifically adapted to each individual needs.

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Awareness Through Movement®

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