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Accessible Aikido

Thanks to Bogdan and everyone involved in producing the Living Aikido Life film. What I most appreciated in this production was how sensitively and clearly you captured the many perspectives of why aikido matters in this time, why it is worthwhile to devote years of practice and what emerges from living an aikido life. It is essentially valuable both for practitioners of all levels of experience to deepen their understanding of what aikido is about and even more importantly, what is possible by persisting in its practice.

I so appreciated hearing from teachers about topics that can be paradoxical when first encountered - learning through experience of pain and challenge, the discipline of letting go of judgments to learn from different partners and perspectives and the simple but difficult practice compassionate power, accepting attacks to resolve a conflict without escalating harm. Also kudos to make this available to schools, a gift to seed this way of being and living from formative years - this feels aligned with O'Sensei's intention to spread aikido across the world. Well done!

Cheryl Whitelaw

A Sincere Insight Into The Art Of Peace

The movie is about wonderful people, great Aikido teachers, coming from different cultures, having different experiences, sharing their mission and their understanding in respect of the Art of Peace.It is about dedication, respect, kindness and humanity, the values that overcome ages, cultural and political differences.I hope this movie is just the beginning of a long lasting journey that will show us the Way as it was envisioned by O Sensei.

Mihai Preoteasa

A Tool For Peace

With a skillful and discerning aesthetic, Bogdan Heretoiu has crafted a beautiful film of illusive simplicity. Simplicity in the open format of direct and sincere sharing of teachers dedicated to their art. Simplicity in the stark tranquil scenery and settings of the movement as well as the talk portions. Simplicity of the elegant artwork which gracefully links together the various parts of the film.This simplicity, this quiet, serves to make vivid and profound the ardent hope of this film: That Aikido can be used as an embodied means of achieving peace. Clearly explored is the idea that if in a moment of physical engagement/altercation we do not know know how to diffuse the situation in the most graceful way, can we really pretend to know how to resolve social conflicts. The film offers for consideration the idea that while engaging in Aikido sparring we can learn to respect and love our general humanity by committing to take care of each other and resolving conflict in the most beneficial way for all. This is a film for everyone.

Dale Russell

A Great Contribution

A huge Domo Arigato / Thank You to filmmaker Bogdan Heretoiu, on the creation and release of Living Aikido Life - an amazing educational film and unprecedented contribution to Aiki peace studies curriculum, for use everywhere in our sorely troubled world.

Highly recommended, wise and intelligent, very rich and beautiful resource for peaceful empowerment, harmonious relationship, non-violent conflict resolution, and overall well-being in our lives and for the planet.

Jamie Leno Zimron

Brilliant Film For Relaying Essential Elements Of A Healthy School Culture And Climate Via Aikido Principles

As a therapist, teacher, educational administrator and aikido practitioner, I see the wonderful way in which all of these roles can view and appreciate Bogden Heretoiu’s film: Living Aikido Life.For educators concerned about the social-emotional health and psychological development of their students, the thoughtful life wisdom relayed by the very experienced Aikido teachers is a new and beautiful way to explore essential elements of a school culture and climate where students can flourish.

The concepts of mutual respect, conflict resolution, peacemaking, cooperation and more are key underpinnings of an educational environment that establishes safety, healthy relationships and engaged learners. These qualities are needed, not only as a foundation for academic success, but also for helping nourish and grow well-rounded, reflective global citizens who are prepared to enter the world after school and interact with it in a humble, curious, kind and connected manner.

I could not think of a more interesting way to spur this dialogue between educational staff and students than the Living Aikido Life film.

Michael Paynter, Shodan, LMFT, Ed.D.

A Gorgeous Glimpse Into Aikido

I began practicing Aikido a few months ago and, to my surprise, fell in love with it. This beautifully crafted film explains its appeal and its paradoxes: to do this martial art, one needs to remain relaxed and centered, not tense or rigid. Watching Paul Linden Sensei demonstrate that paradox with a student brought that lesson home in seconds.

The film also explores how Aikido is a path of learning and development, one suitable for all ages and bodies. I hope the film encourages those curious about Aikido to try a class, and inspires those who have started along this path to continue.

Ilona Fried

A Beautiful, Inspiring Film

Beautifully shot and edited, and enhanced by gorgeous art and music, this film points the way to a more peaceful world. It is a fascinating glimpse into the work and practice of some current aikido students and teachers who apply the embodied principles of the art to conflict resolution.

A great resource for anyone who wants to learn how, practically, we can cultivate a more harmonious world. I hope many dojos and schools screen this and inspire even more peacemakers to emerge with a clear vision of what is possible. We all dream of a better world. This is the story of ten people who are working to make it a reality. Buy this film! You won't be disappointed.

Susan Dutton

A Beautiful, Inspiring Film

Outstanding people and accounts of Martial Arts in the context of personal growth.

Richard W.

Excellent Production

I have been an aikido student for over thirty-seven years and have seen many films on the art but none so profound as this offering from Bogdan.Insightful, emotional and raw, I was privileged to hear well known and unknown aikido practitioners giving their personal views and experiences in a tapestry of aikido stitches.

I have had the privilege to have met and had long conversations with the wonderful Molly (and Jeramy) Hale and trained under and listened to the encyclopaedia of knowledge and courage that is Paul Linden.This will be a wonderful success and I congratulate Bogdan and his contributors for an excellent film.

This opens a whole new chapter for those, like me, that are involved in aikido in the school system.

Róisín Pitman

Wonderful interviews with interesting senseis that have not been recognized previously. Powerful insight into the philosophy of Aikido and the importance of integrating Aikido into personal life.


Aikido Has The Potential To Empower Our Lives

The film offers a profound look at the potential Aikido offers us to find a way to work with both internal and external conflict while showing there are ways to find a power that heals rather than harms.

Beautifully crafted, it is a film that can inspire young people and adults alike.

Wendy Palmer

A Wonderful Look At The State Of Modern Aikido

One of the effects that YouTube and the internet has had is to accustom us to watching very low quality video. This is not one of those videos. Bogdan Heretoiu's "Living Aikido Life" film is beautifully produced and professionally edited. I'd also like to mention the illustrations by Mariusz Szmerdt, which may not get much notice in a video production, and which were lovely.

"Living Aikido Life", in keeping with the title, is not a historical or technical film, but rather focuses on personal experiences and perceptions of the art and the art's implications for societal interaction.

These are the strengths of modern Aikido, and what has allowed it to expand around the world.If you are looking for insights into Morihei Ueshiba than this is not the film for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for insights into the current and future state of modern Aikido then this film offers a valuable cross-section of some well known, and some not-so-well known instructors and students.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it is a valuable look at the world of modern Aikido as it stands today, and where it strives to go in the future.

Christopher Li


Your support helps us move forward with creating new programs - especially focusing on education through movement.

Youth Somatic Education for families facing financial difficulties

I am excited to start a great project involving youth facing financial difficulties. With the amazing trust and support from Jamie Leno Zimron Sensei, Robert Kent Sensei, Quentin Cooke Sensei, and AIKI EXTENSIONS (, the wheels are turning for what I think is a valuable educational program using Martial Arts principles.

The program is based on my personal practice of Aikido and Goju-Ryu and a lifelong movement exploration and learning.

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu joins me in blending Feldenkrais - Awareness Through Movement® into a program of self-directed somatic education. Wish us luck, and send us funds :)