Pricing packages

Martial Arts - Warriors Within

Scholarships Available to Families in need. A commitment to regular practice is required. Students awarded scholarships will be expected to take a leadership approach, and assist with classes and new students. Scholarships are awarded case by case, and based on a one-on-one interview. Apply by email, sending a small description of your situation:

Option #1

Single Membership

One (1) class / week*

  • One class/week/student
  • Taken within the month paid for


Option #2

Dual Membership

Two (2) classes/week*

  • Two classes/week/student
  • Taken within the month paid for.


Option #3*

Family Membership

Unlimited classes/week*

  • Limited to three family members
  • Excludes Saturday Family Dojo


  • Family Membership will automatically include ALL the classes being added in the future to the available schedule.

Option #4

Drop-in Class

To be used with any age appropriate class.

Please check available age group classes.

Please use within THREE (3) months from purchase.


Option #5

FamilyDojo Class

2 Kids + max. 1 Adult

See Option #6 for add'l participants.

All participating Kids/Adults MUST be immediate family


Option #6

Additional Family Member

Use this option to enroll additional immediate family members to any of the plans below:

Monthly Family Membership

FamilyDojo Class