Your body must be at its best - In order for your performance to be at its best -

For the Performing Artist

Your Art depends upon your body. Your art is only as good as you are to your body. If you seek to improve your approach with movement, you seek to improve your artform. Your art and your soma are connected and intertwined in such a specific way. The more available you are within your body - the more available you are for your artform. If you understand how to use more of yourself in movement - you understand how to use more of yourself in your artform. 

Art does not come easy. Art is total dedication. Art is all consuming. Art demands that you be a proactive learner. Art demands precision, timing, and practice. Art thrives only when practice thrives. The life of an artist is a constant dance between The Practical and The Poetical. 
In order for the poetic to emerge and flow freely - the practical must be attended to on a daily basis. The practical is Total Self Care -  body, mind, emotions, environment, and even social. 

The 8 Lessons in Reset and Recover are essential for

The subtle movements will help to enhance full-body ARTICULATION, PRECISION, and REFINEMENT.

LESSON 1:  Free Your Back - Extension & Rotation to help posture.
LESSON 2:  Fold Into Flexion - Core Motivated. Connect Abs without strain.
LESSON 3:  Side Bending - Soften the Ribs so they’re less like a cage.
LESSON 4:  Reach and Rotate - Feel how the pelvis connects into the spine.
LESSON 5:  Rolling from the Center - Release the back, Activate the front.
LESSON 6:  Breathing - Upper and Lower.
LESSON 7:  Breathing - Seesaw Sequence.

LESSON 8:  "Free Your Back II" - For length and connection.

Listen quietly to speak firmly.

Observe keenly to expand softly. Move small to Stand tall. Play lightly to dig deeply. Everything you need is already within and movement is here to awaken your natural responses and organic learning. Pay attention and attention will grow. 

It is so easy to become consumed by your practice, to get lost in the music, to be obsessed with getting it right that the tracks to habitual self-use kick in and dig firmly into the well worn process. It’s so easy to keep spinning in loops with good intentions but Feldenkrais is here to help you pause upon your looping habitual self-use. It only takes a half an hour to interrupt your patterns and change your course, soften your nervous system, reroute your brain so your body can respond differently. 

There are hundreds of individual Feldenkrais movement lessons that are waiting to offer you a new experience - a different experience of self - and an interruption of your normal patterns. However, I’ve chosen 8 essential lessons that EVERY ARTIST should experience. 

In Awareness Through Movement - unconventional movement patterns are used which helps to interrupt your normal flow. Muscles release, breathing responds, joints find other joints through the push and pull of weight shifting. All of this is done without the practitioner telling you what you should be doing. It is fully and completely a self-engaged learning opportunity through movement. 

If you dare to lead the life of an artist then you must dare to dig into yourself in unconventional ways. It is satisfying to live a life of curiosity and thoughtful freedom where self exploration is continually challenged. How do you give yourself to your art?

Does your art give to you? Where are you within the role, the music, the dance? How can you become more available, sensitive, and present within your process?

Soma Studies and The Feldenkrais Method are here to help you refine the practical so that the artistic and poetical essence of you can thrive.