Wall of Love

From our SomaStudies Friends

Alice Brydges, 
Founding member of Alonzo King's Lines Ballet San Francisco
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Tai Chi Instructor

"In her recorded series of talks, Dancer Undone, Catrina Choate touches on every nuance of what it means to be a dancer, internally and in the deepest sense. The joys of eternally searching for the unattainable ideal of perfection, the battles with the self-image, the discouragement and loss of confidence that occurs when one is injured, and the often deeply spiritual experience of being onstage ; all are covered here as Catrina relates her deeply personal experiences of her own professional ballet career in a way that will surely go to the heart of every dancer. 

Catrina Choate's calm, soothing voice carries within it a quiet strength that asks questions and gently encourages the listening dancer to tune in, slow down, and listen to the wisdom of one's own body. The Feldenkrais lessons offered here are well chosen and present the participant with the opportunity to go even deeper into the realm of the senses in order to experience the fascinating process of what to means to learn, to play, to fail, and to begin again, in the delightful dance of becoming one's best partner and ultimately, one's own teacher. 

As a former dancer who often fought unmercilessly to turn her body into what brilliant and sometime maniacal choreographers wanted of me, I found myself wishing that I had had such a valuable resource as SomaStudies available to me during my own performing career."

Cynthia Drayer, Former School Director, The School of Sacramento Ballet

"Catrina's Awareness Through Movement classes offer pathways to increased body knowledge and a harmonious and peaceful mind-body connection."

Jen Bradford, 
Founder / Executive  Director of Northern California Dance Conservatory

"The students at NCDC were lucky to have the opportunity to train with Ms Catrina in ballet. Her knowledge, kindness and process allowed them to progress technically in a supportive and nurturing environment. Through her work, the students gained a deeper understanding on how to increase their alignment, flexibility and overall strength safely."

Buffy Barfoot, Yoga Instructor

"Catrina shares her special brand of wisdom through these relatable stories, and she poses relevant questions to spark the imagination of anyone who hopes to learn more about connection, intuition, and recovery. I love her calm voice and I can even hear the ease in her body as she talks, which is a testament to her years of somatic discovery. I feel more alive in my own body's intuitive capabilities after listening to her."

Deanna Seay, Former Principal Dancer of Miami City Ballet
Current Faculty member at the School of the Richmond Ballet

"I danced professionally for 21 years, and I credit the Feldenkrais work with the fact that I remained injury free for nearly my entire career. The physical impact I experienced was clearly evident in the increased sensitivity to and understanding of the physical nuances of my personal body mechanics, but it also deepened my understanding of movement and its origins.

With this understanding, I felt as if I was able to approach roles from different perspectives, responding to choreography and music from a more honest, personal place. The awareness brought to me through Awareness Through Movement as well as Functional Integration sessions gave me the opportunity to fully inhabit my performances, allowing me to be truly present whether in rehearsal or onstage, and in the years since I have retired from performing, the gift of being present in my own life has remained with me."

Beverly Hillmer
Dance Accompanist, University of Illinois

“Hi! I am Beverly and have been playing ballet classes for over 25 years. I look forward to playing class with Catrina.

Why? The working atmosphere is focused and intense yet with a sense of ease and joy. Catrina’s musical depth is reflected in her clear precise varying tempos and articulations for each combination and her recognition of repertoire played in class.

She truly values and knows how to maximize the partnership of a live musician.”

Rachel Geist
Adult Ballet Student

“I have had no ballet or dance experience of any kind until the fall of 2020 when I decided to take up ballet as a form of exercise. The past two semesters I've had Catrina as an instructor have been wonderful.
I love how each class is slightly different to keep things from getting too repetitive. She incorporates stretching into the beginning and end of class and it's so helpful and relaxing.
There are so many little things in ballet that Catrina is able to explain in a way that makes sense and is so accessible for someone who has no previous dance experience of any kind. I love her music choices and the overall class is a delight with her as an instructor.”

Dale E. Turner
Adult Ballet Student

“Catrina brings professionalism, somatic awareness and individual attention to each of us enrolled in her Adult Ballet Classes.

Her concentration and sharing of the importance of muscle awareness is much appreciated in dealing with the various levels of training and experience in our class.

By calmly and patiently instructing and correcting us we learn to apply and benefit from her expertise and attention.”

Chifan C.B.
Adult Ballet Student

“Ballet is such a beautiful art but so very challenging for adult beginner students like myself.

Catrina helps us by breaking down the steps into manageable pieces, and all within the safety zone of our physical abilities.

We are learning and having lots of fun at the same time. The meditative quality in in the music and the movements is amazing. I look forward to Catrina’s classes.”

I am so happy to bring this Online Program to you so that you may enjoy your physical learning from the privacy of your home and at your own pace.


Catrina Choate-Heretoiu is a somatic practitioner and dance educator who works with recovery and learning through movement. She is the co-founder of Soma Studies which includes online/live somatic classes and is the creator of SomaBallet, SomaStory, and Ballet Journeys.

While young, she trained at the prestigious School of American Ballet and then continued to dance professionally with Miami City Ballet, Carolina Ballet, and Miami Contemporary Dance Company. Catrina thrived in her performance career but she also understood movement from a healing perspective and chose to nurture an academic and somatic path. 

Catrina has a B.A. Degree in English Literature from Florida International University, an MFA Degree in Dance from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and is certified in The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. She has taught all levels of ballet and Feldenkrais at many conservatories throughout the U.S. and Europe such as the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Dance Department, Northern California Dance Conservatory, and Sacramento Ballet.  

Throughout Catrina’s life, movement has been the trusted language of communication and she understands that a somatic conversation through movement can reveal unexpected experiences that can promote learning, growth, relief, and ultimately connection.

Movement is everything and everything is movement.