Deeply Moved is an intentional movement practice - a Dance Ritual. There was once a time when it was normal for communities to join together in a circle so they could dance out their hopes, sorrows, anger, or rebirths. The Deeply Moved practice uses the power of movement, dance, and the circle to weave individual experiences into a holistic group connection.  

The class first guides you into softening your movement with an Awareness Through Movement lesson from the Feldenkrais Method that will help to quiet your nervous system and release muscular stress. Once your sensitivity steps into the foreground, we’ll stand and do some basic dance exercises to strengthen the legs and feet for greater stability.

After moving individually through space, we’ll join together in a circle to learn simply constructed movement sequences to help settle into the flow of dance. Walking, swaying, and circling together with beautiful music will help us all to release, uplift, and connect.  

Dance has the power to interrupt isolation, depression, and the experience of struggle. When you move your body, you shift your internal reality and during a Deeply Moved practice the power of dance has the ability to offer lighter and more joyful feeling states!

There is the sensation of silence, space, and peace within all of us and I’m convinced that when we join together in dance, these feelings prosper and grow!