An introspective approach to ballet barrework that will help to inform and reset your body for optimal use. Soma Barre directly uses neuromuscular movement patterns from the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education and brings the intelligence of biomechanics into a ballet process.   

The micro-movements of Awareness Through Movement are layered into the barre progression which helps to release unnecessary tension and interrupt unhealthy holding patterns. By shifting weight, adjusting pelvic position,  turning in to turn out, and softening into flexion - alignment will be challenged and explored until the most essential motor pathway arises. Stability and mobility compliment one another in Soma Barre which will leave you to feel reset and ready for a regular mode of technical demands. 

The structure of Soma Barre will constantly shift from the floor to standing by way of organic transitions. Each class will progress through the entire ballet barre framework with somatically woven exercises to enhance the human experience within ballet technique. The combinations are intrinsically simple so there is no overthinking pattern acquisition - instead, your mind can soften into feeling and sensing yourself through the movement which will allow your joints and muscles to fall into functional agreement. 

Soma Barre is here for you to reset your mind/body connection, to recover efficient mobility, to enhance alignment, and strengthen from your deepest layers of internal connection. The class is designed to renew and refresh so that you can meet your daily demands with your innate intelligence intact.