Soma Story uses somatic movement and personal writing to unlock the STUCK moments in life. 
Everyone has a Soma Story - An Embodied Journey. The Story of You is revealed through your body, your memories, daily activities - all of which constantly integrate your past, present, and future journey. 

It is a deep check-in with yourself. Tune in once a month to keep track of your path, your decisions, your choices. Align your posture while you align your thoughts. Clarify your body while you clarify your dreams. Bring efficiency to your movement while you bring efficiency to your daily actions.
By improving the quality of movement and thought - you improve the quality of your life. 

The Workshops:

I offer Monthly In-Person Two Hour Workshops. Online access is also offered during the in-between weeks for continual support. 

      During a Workshop we utilize:

  Awareness Through Movement - movement lessons to reduce muscle tension and provide strong skeletal support to feel renewed and reset.
  Meditation through gentle focused movement and breath work
  Storytelling to connect
  Journaling - Personal and Memoir writing prompts
  Visioning for practical life
  Goal setting for an inspired and purposeful life plan
  Community for sharing
  Talks on how to maintain the practical and poetical


My Personal Soma Story:

Everyone has a living theme that encircles their life - giving, taking, nudging you along the way. Mine is the relationship with being Stuck. 
This theme is very tactile for me. Being Stuck is a lived experience and therefore the seeking of Freedom comes as a partner to being stuck. I stuttered as a child which ignited the daily battle with being stuck. I also fell in love with ballet. Stuttering thrust upon me the Stuck experience and Ballet gifted me the experience of freedom.

By my mid-twenties, after a few years of Feldenkrais work, my stuttering ceased for normal daily life, however, the experience of feeling stuck and seeking freedom stayed with me as an everlasting theme taking shape in unexpected ways. 

After years of roaming and living with the relationship of being Stuck and Seeking Freedom, I learned that Freedom is greatly connected to presence and my ability to be absorbed in the moment. Ballet and meditative movement reliably zoom me into being present so I can feel my most essential existence. 

Stuttering was the source for great physical and mental anxiety and Ballet was the artful elixir that eased my aching nerves. However, both shaped my physical sensitivity from a very young age and for this, I am most grateful. The path of movement is one that I love and treasure. 

Thank you for sharing my Soma Story with me and I hope to meet you upon this journey one day.

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Stories exist within us.

Your body holds your life map - your life’s work in all of the joy and all of the pain.  When you move your body in quiet attention, there is a window of opportunity that allows for you to listen to life - to listen to your body and all of your secrets. When you move slowly, there is time for your past story to unfold. And, if you allow your past story to unfold, to spill over, to be told - there will be room for your future story to progress in renewed energy.

There are times when you need to detach yourself from your mental story and move through the process without thinking too much. Then - there are times when you need to pause, reflect, and write your story slowly and mindfully. With both movement and writing comes clarification. When the deep memories or ‘aha moments’ come to the surface and are acknowledged, understanding can begin to take shape.  

Acknowledgment is one of the keys for healing and growth.

I believe that telling your story frees you from the chains of invisibility - the realm where insignificance walks hand in hand with unworthiness. When you bring life into your story - you take time to acknowledge you and your journey. The acknowledgment of your life lived is vital to experience a sense of personal worth.

Liberate your voice from the depths of your untold story and step into your new journey. As your story unfolds you can envision your life, write your goals, and shape your future. Unacknowledged stories swimming within your depths may anchor you in unexpected ways. Don’t be anchored. Go in, and release the weight! Free your story, and free yourself.

During the Workshops:

●  Introspective writing and embodied movement explorations are offered for the purpose of self-clarification.
●  Paying attention to your body within a gentle Awareness Through Movement lesson offers an organic unfolding of thoughts, memories, and feelings. Once these emotions spill from your body - you will catch them with your writing and let your pen flow across the page.

Your body has Stories to tell.

Your story will be released so there will be room for you to recover. To be present. To breathe. To feel. To renew your clarity and create vision. Acknowledgement is a gift that only you can bring. Please take a leap and give yourself the time you desire to tune in, unravel, feel, sense, and awaken to your process of living. 

Workshop Themes:

Coming June 2023.

Join me in this process of unfolding, unraveling, and total self-investigation. Let the process of acknowledgment begin.