Adult Ballet Training

Where Breath, Balance, and Ballet come to life.

Bring the natural body into the ballet experience.


Somatics + Ballet = Intelligent, Joyful Learning.


 Adults - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students.
 College students who love ballet but chose a different major.
 Mature teens who love ballet but want flexible scheduling.
 Professionals seeking a pain-free way into ballet or to reassess alignment.
 Any adult at any age who has the motivation to learn the beautiful artform.

Hello and welcome to Soma Ballet.

For me, dancing is necessary. It sets my brain right while I think through movement and while I share myself with others through movement.

Whenever I take a moment to pause, breathe, dance, connect, and transfer myself into music - change happens. I believe this is crucial for living a busy life effectively. It is a gift to be able to connect with my inner self while quietly existing in a ballet class and I believe that if I feel this, others can too. 

What makes my approach different?

I still move through all the basics but I also keep the power of choice alive in ballet. I work with the ballet standards but do not get stuck in them. There is always an essential ballet thread to be pulled from each exercise. I can explain ballet training from the perspective of the Cecchetti Method, Balanchine style, and Russian approach and then I help people to see beyond the method and into the body. Let’s find the best fit for you! Together we analyze the movement, your body, your body in the movement and then determine what is the best fit based upon your explorations and experience. 

It’s an intention and a choice to use ballet for all the good and beauty it can provide. Ballet has been there for me throughout my life, it has been my trusted companion, and has provided me with such fulfillment that it gives me great satisfaction to pass it on to all of my students. 

I invite you to come dance with me and leap into your own Ballet Journey!

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu
Ballet-Journeys & SomaStudies Founder


Adult Ballet Training

Where Breath, Balance, and Ballet come to life.


 Ballet Technique - starting with the basics and up to whatever level you desire.

 Coordination of body and movement sequences - Strength + Flexibility.

 Breathing patterns and how to use your breath softly in a fulfilling way.

 Balance - Enhance stability of the standing leg and standing posture.

 Range of Motion - Safely experience how to move hips, shoulders, and back.

 How to learn movement sequences.

 The repetition of ballet for RITUAL - to deepen physical learning and comfort. 

 To love, appreciate, and connect with inspiring music. 

 To laugh and have fun with others while learning something new.

 To feel connected to self, music, and others through the sharing of dance.

Feel Ballet Beautiful with SOMA BALLET through strength, balance, posture, and grace.

We lengthen, float, suspend, fold, grow, twist, and root ourselves within our body. We expand into the space, merge with music, and connect with our fellow dancers. We live a most vital moment together and acknowledge the moment as special and important.  Come Join Us!!